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Non-invasive mechanical ventilation -MEMA


MEMA is  the  safe non-invasive (tracheal intubation is not required) treatment of acute and chronic respiratory failure in various patients and conditions...

By using MEMA in the hospital ward  hospitalization in the intensive care unit, sedation of the patient is avoided and further infections are avoided while it is a much more economical method of treatment,


The  MEMA applies to : 

-Exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

- Acute and chronic respiratory failure due to COPD, pneumonia, pulmonary edema, asthma

- Neuromuscular diseases with respiratory muscle weakness

-Severe orthopedic deformities of the chest wall

- Post-operative respiratory failure in Thoracic surgeries

-Physiotherapy after respiratory infections in patients with difficult aspiration

-Treatment of sleep apnea syndrome

- Residential treatment of all of the above





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