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Admissions and hospitalization

During the examination of a patient, further tests may be required (bronchoscopy, fluid puncture, blood gases, special imaging and blood tests.

Also when the conditions require the best medical monitoring and nursing care at the same time, it is necessary to hospitalize the patient until recovery at home becomes possible again.

In the clinic, in more detail, the following are carried out:

1) Bronchoscopy

2) Treatment of acute respiratory failure through non-invasive mechanical ventilation CPAP/ BiPAP-ST  without the need for ICU admission.

3) Polysomatographic sleep study (see sleep apnea syndrome study)

4) Pleural puncture and treatment of malignant pleural effusion

5) Hospitalizations (private insurances and individuals, EOPYY insured)


 The doctor carries out hospitalizations and invasive procedures in collaborating clinics

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