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Full Functional Breath Control                      (respiratory function control laboratory)

• Functional breathing control is performed for
the detection of disorders of the respiratory system.
• The results from these functional tests together
with the patient's history and symptoms can,
in most cases, to establish the diagnosis.


It is the basic test to check the function of the respiratory system which reveals both the obstructive lesions  (Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) as well as  restrictive lung diseases  as well as other pathological  conditions (larynx tumors, cervical masses, neuromuscular diseases).


It is necessary in the preventive control in  asymptomatic smokers, industrial workers, engineers, workers in garment industries, builders, disability assessment and prevention.

The examination includes special manipulations and measurements necessary for the complete functional control of the respiratory system.


Spirometry is performed in children over 6 years of age and adults.

Diffusive ability (Diffusion) DLCO

The exam allows us to check the ability  "transfer" of a gas such as CO from the air to the blood, through the surface of the alveoli and the corresponding surface of the capillaries and thus to assess the integrity of the capillary membrane but also the part  lung parenchyma control  and the vascular network of the lungs. Many lung diseases show disorders in DLCO (increase or decrease) as well as extrapulmonary diseases (rheumatisms) can  diagnosed and evaluated through this test.

Respiratory muscle control

With a special technique we measure the pressures of the muscles involved in breathing and thus assess from the early stages disorders in neurological diseases, muscle diseases and diseases as well as in the investigation of shortness of breath


(Static volumes and capacities)

Assessment of volumes and capacities of the respiratory system, useful parameters for obstructive and restrictive diseases (ASTHMA, COPD, FIBROSIS)

but also  for the preoperative control of patients


Airway resistances

Measurement of airway resistance to airflow (respiratory disease severity)

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